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Top 7 Advanced Excel Courses in India on Strikingly

Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used software. Microsoft Excel is very useful in assessing data. Advanced Excel courses help in building up spreadsheet skills and mastering complex data inputs by segregating data in different paths. This in turn helps in completing complex tasks in no time. Ranked as the top advanced excel course, Henry Harvin has provided the knowledge of excel to more than 5000+ individuals. An extensive series of projects from multiple business domains helps to get

Hotel Kewal Nashik

Hotel Kewal, Nashik is a 22-year-old establishment. The Kewal Hospitality Group has thoughtfully given a new modernized touch to the history of this property. Their exemplary services in the hospitality industry make them stand out as proud owners of four luxury hotels in Jalgaon, Aurangabad & Nashik. Over the past five decades, the founding members of the Kewal Hospitality Group have diversified in businesses around and beyond hospitality services. This makes them ambassadors for organizing th

Top 20 French Language Interview Questions and Answers

That is exactly one wishes to hear when they learn the French language. Isn’t it? There are 6500+ languages spoken in the world to date. Globally, the French language is in the fifth position as one of the most spoken languages across the globe. The strong cultural connection makes the language even more aesthetic. According to online surveys, French is the most beautiful language spoken. Therefore, it attracts explorers, language experts, literature enthusiasts,s and people who have just falle

German Language Course by Henry Harvin at a Glance - IssueWire

German Language Course by Henry Harvin at a Glance New Delhi, Delhi Apr 4, 2022 ( - The most precise language of all time, at Henry Harvin learning German, is an enriching experience! Most widely spoken in Europe, German language is the most popular language taught across the globe. With budding economies and job opportunities, the German language opens the door for getting placed in big organizations in various sectors and domains. Fluent German speakers are in high demand in In

Top 10 Books on Creative Writing in 2022

“Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river.” ― Lisa See I believe all the aspiring, seasoned and experienced writers would agree to this quote. Writing is difficult. Calling yourself a writer can be even more difficult. Isn’t it? Before we move further, I would like you to take a moment and think about few questions mentioned below. What do you think about the term creativity? Is it about thinking differently? Or doing something new? Uncover a new idea, a new concept? Or mak


Created a script that highlighted teamwork and their achievements. A 30-min script for Bajaj Consumer Care Ltd. (BCCL) Mumbai that involved ideation, conceptualization, storyboard, character building with dialogues and music, a monologue, and the warcry.

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Writing stories was always my way of reflecting upon myself and life. I took it as a hobby, and I realized I am incredibly passionate about writing and creating space through my posts where voices resonated and thoughts came purely through emotions. Moving forward, I also understood that writing had entered my life with a purpose.

Soon, writing became my profession.

As a certified content writer and creative writer, I always keep the bigger picture in mind and give content a platform to thrive.

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